Yariv Alter Fin / Curriculum Vitae

Born 1968 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Self taught in photo-and videography, music making and computer programming. In 1985 formed the music & multimedia group "D.X.M" and cooperated until 1990, releasing various audio and videotapes, music CD's and graphic prints, and performing in diverse cultural contexts throughout Israel.
In 1990 moved to Amsterdam and began a study at the Audio-Visual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Graduating in 1995 and continuing to a postgraduate degree at the Graphic design and Media department of the Sandberg Institute. Cooperated during and after his studies with various media and art organizations and events, including several group exhibitions in among others the galleries 'Arti et Amicitae' and 'de Appel', and creating CD-ROM, Internet and TV productions for among others 'Mediamatic' magazine, 'PARK-4DTV', 'Bellissima TV', 'De Digitale Stad', 'W139' gallery, 'De Balie' and 'SMART Project Space' in Amsterdam.
Upon receiving his Masters degree began working for 'NL-design' and the 'Society for Old and New Media' on diverse projects including the online Web-Journal of the 'Ars Electronica' festival, Linz 1996 and two work periods in the 'Hybrid Workspace', Documenta X, Kassel 1997. Between 1998 and 2000 worked as a guest professor at the school of arts of the Kassel University.
His main work themes, "Visual Philosophy" and "Meta-Media", consist of the links between Fine Art and applied-design, between theory and practice,  old media disciplines such as portrait art and poetry and new media such as video animation, interaction and hyperstructures. Currently working as an artist, designer and programmer, as an advisor for several art-institutes, on diverse internet sites and 'net.art' works, and teaching at the audio-visual department of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.


URL: http://WWW.alterFin.COM
Mission Statement: http://www.YOUism.org
Virtual Self: http://me.alterFin.org


• 2002-2003: Teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Audio Visual Department.
• 1998-2000: Guest Proffessor for Media Art at the HBK Kassel Art University, Germany.
• 1995-97: Study/Graduation at the Design/Media Dept. Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (MA degree)
• 1990-95:  Study/Graduation, Audio-Visual dept. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (BA degree)
• 1988: Study at the Industrial Design dept. of the Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem

Film, Television and Multimedia:

• 2001-3: Lines Online: an audience participatory installation for the web, in co. with Ram Katzir
   ( http://www.LinesOnline.net under construction)
• June 2001: "digilog -  plan for digital to analog large scale low res video display device" design plan for a new Amsterdam parking garage front, in assignment for the Amsterdams Fonds for the Kunst
• 2000-01: Web site design & construction for artist Ram Katzir ( http://www.ramkatzir.com)
• 2000-01: co. programming & interaction advise for "HOLY media composer 1.0" by Merel Mirage, NL (http://www.vosholy.nl )
• 2000: Screen design for "NetTime Television", Bellissima TV, Amsterdam
   ( http://www.bellissima.net/video.cfm?id=4197&contactid=132&categorie=Animatie )
• Nov 2000: programming for "Do-it-digital" website, Kasseler kunstverein.
• Nov 2000: Wanderhalle's "360 Degrees Cologne", exhibition website, Art Cologne 2000
• 1999-01:  "Smart Project Space Dynamic Online Art Interface" ( http://www.smartprojectspace.net )
• 1998-99: "permanent Flux" - CD-ROM for 'De Balie', Amsterdam. Interface and Interaction design.
   ( http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/9066172207  and 
     http://www.balie.nl/uitgeverij_ovz.php3?id=139&pagina=1 )
• 1999:  "W139 - Online Archive", 4 year show documentation ( http://www.w139.nl/archive )
• March 99: TV Director for 'The Next 5 Minutes' live broadcast, Paradiso Amsterdam & Local TV.
• Jan 99: "Grenz Gevalen" (Border Cases), Study Assignment for Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.
• June 98: title animation and co-design for "Brandon", artSite by Shulea Chang
   ( http://www.guggenheim.org/exhibitions/virtual/index.html )
• Jan. 98: CD-ROM for 'Society for Old & New Media', Amsterdam: Design, interface and programming.
• Jan-Apr 98: 'DDS-Web-Mix', repeated TV/WEB magazine dedicated to refelecting on influential and interesting internet developments to the Web public as well as to the local Amsterdam TV viewers. Made in assignment for The Digital City Amsterdam.
• 1998: net.art Web-site design for 'W139', an Amsterdam local art initiative
   ( http://www.W139.nl/content/archief/site )
• 12 Sept. 97: own work presentation during the academy day of the World Wide Video Festival, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
• July - Sept 97: partiticipance in 'We Want Bandwidth' & 'Tactical Media Network' workgroups of the Society for Old & New Media at 'Hybrid Workspace', Documenta X, Kassel.
•Aug. 97: contr. to 'TestTube', Net.Art site by Saachi & Saatchi (winner dutch site competition 1997)
• June 97: programming & design for 'Activiteit', a CD-ROM adaptation of the Netherlands Design Institute's presentation book.
• March 97: 'PARK-4DTV-CD-ROM: TV on the PC', coop. editing & design, Digital Mastering and contribution: 1 hour Channel: 'amTV: video cognito', consisting of 7 frame-time compositions
   ( http://www.park.nl/sept2001/cdrom1997/cdrom1997.php3 )
• Dec 96: video animation and live mix at the 'Object vs. Pixel' conference, De Balie, Amterdam.
• NOV. 96: 'Deo, the Preachers Pet', own video art adapted to a commercial for the magazine 'Studieweek', on MTV europe. Later ReMixed into an 'Uncommercial', used in various projects.
• Sept 96: 'BodyBytes': contr. to the 'ARS-Electronica' web journal by NL.DESIGN. interactive digital portraits of the participants made on location in the design center, Linz, Austria
   ( http://www.aec.at/www-ars/journal/bodybytes ).
• July 1996: 'PathRoom': 'Net.Art' project at 'de Fabriek', Eindhoven. concept, creation, coordination & contribution. ( http://www.alterFin.com/mirror/pathroom )
• 1996-98: design and participation in 'StopWatch', 'Japanese Love Party', 'EuroTop' & 'Triple-X' VJ shows by Bellisima TV, at 'de Mazzo', 'de Balie' & 'Escape' Amsterdam and on 'A1', local TV.
• 1995-6: graphic design and live animations for 'Almanac', a monthly live-art program on SALTO, Amsterdam local TV.
• aug.95: Video Jockey at VPRO's  'Zulu-Tent', Lowlands fest., including 7 min. live TV broadcast mix of own and other works.
• feb. 95: interaction design & contr. to 'AirBag: a Tribute to Safety' : CD-ROM for MediaMatic magazine, Amsterdam.  contribution: movies, sound and diverse art.
• nov. 94: graphic design of: 'SateLife',  'The Web', VPRO.
• 1993 to 1996: several programs for  'PARK 4DTV', Salto TV, a video art program showing every night 2:00-3:00 on Amsterdam's local TV. (1 hour mixed-media, premiere dates shown):
   ( http://www.alterFin.com/mirror/link/park )

17.11.93: 'Over Matter''
24.12.93: 'Grin'
2.1.94:  'Kiss' (in co. with Liza May Post)
7.1.94: 'Us Wants' (in co. with Liza May Post)
11.3.94: 'Evaluate Not' (in co. with Safi Etiel)
15.7.94: 'This Is'
6.10.94: 'tHere'
7.10.94: 'Spin'
10.10.94: 'Carta''
11.10.94: 'SeeMs'
15.5.96: 'Ras-il-Satan' (in co. with Nirit Peled)
17.5.96: 'Sea Side'

• April 91: 'Dream', 8 min. 8mm film/photo/video, at the Haifa international film festival, israel.
   (http://dream.alterfin.org )
• april 88: Director: "Nobody": 4 min. music clip, wins the 2nd prize  in the Israeli annual clip contest, Haifa 1988 (http://nobody.alterfin.org )

Group Exhibitions, Installations, Performances

• Mar.-May 2003 – "gNoMercy": a site specific installation & an installation in a site, Keukenhof, Lisse. in co. with Ram Katzir.    ( http://www.skor.nl/gnomercy )
• Feb. 2002 – "Dominique, inter-face" mirrored at the website of the Halle für Kunst in Lüneburg
   ( http://www.halle-fuer-kunst.de/web )
• May - June 1998: Die Holländische Welle, Kunstruimte Berlin, macintosh installation: "macMe".
• Dec. 97 - Jan 98: participate in 'µ' ('miu' - the smallest unit), Arti et Amicitae.  work: "WMC: kind & degree", print/video intallation.
• 1996-97: 'Burn: MotionPostStamp': participation to the Dutch Christmas PostStamp design assignment from PTT post to the Sandberg Institute.
• May 97: 'Niet de Kunstvlaai', westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. contr.: "A Fork" - a recreation of an object together with its functionality onto the World Wide Web, a pointer towards 'the Object status in the age of digital online reproduction'.
• Nov. 96: 'Deo: a Theory of Time Travel': 13 min. video, video manifestation 'After Dark', De Appel, Amsterdam.
• Sept 95: 'de Collegas': a residence period & group exhibition at the 'Fabriek', eindhoven. contribution: 'Limbs': digital photography, video & object installation    ( http://www.alterFin.com/mirror/link/collegas/index.html )
• 9 july 95: video/photo installation: 'Good from Bad'  at the opening exhibition of  'Crux' art-zine, Gallery de Praktijk, Amsterdam
• March 95:  catalog design & participation to 'de Meubel Koning', furniture-art exhibition, de Garage, hoorn. work: 'KijkDoos interactief ver. 1.3', object made of bricks, cement, rope, lens, color LCD monitor and speakers.
• nov. 94: 'the Place & i': video installation in the 'Deaf: Dutch Electronic Art Festival'. Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam.
• 8 aug. - 5 sep. 93: 'Morgen Gemaakt' (Fin de Siecle), Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam. contribution: 'Messiah, a Serving Suggestion' : photography and silkscreen on canvas, 2x1.20x1.20m, 1x70x25cm, and a 2.5" color video monitor built into the exhibition wall showing an audio visual loop-edit from a computer.
• 12-16 may 93: 'Us: till death do it part' : video program, w. Liza May Post, MelkWeg, Amsterdam.
• 9 march 93: 'Hello' : video/performance in the opening of Ulay's 'Bread & Butter', W139, Amsterdam
• 12 dec. 92 - 17 jan. 93: 'Tijdelijk Asiel' (Dog Art Exhibition), Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam: 'the Good Bitch' : oil printed on canvas, Flags, Music tape cover.
• 3 june 92: 'Under Cloud' : installation/performance in the 'One Hour Art' show, Museum Fodor, Amsterdam.


• 4 June 00: "NettimeTV" TV/Site design presentation at Mediamatic's Salon@BABY, Amsterdam.
• 5 May 00: "PermanentFlux", CD-ROM lecture/presentation at EMAF festival, Osnabrück, Germany.
• June 99: Final Exams Jury member, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Audio Visual department.
• April 99: "Meta-Media", 1 hour multimedia lecture at the 'Park of the Future' seminar, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.
• 1 Mar 99: "Hier Gaat het Over", participation in a media debut and open forum, de Balie, Amsterdam.
• March 99: Jury member at the 'Dutch Art Director Club' multimedia awards commitee.
• 13 Feb 99: "YOUism", lecture at the "Idealism Sample Show", Sandberg Institute/De Balie Amsterdam ( http://www.YOUism.org )
• Dec. 98: a chpater including an interview and work reproduction in 'Pictogrammen & Iconen', book by [Z]OO productions. a Lecture concerning pictograms at the book opening reception, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
• 27 Nov. 98: Lecture 'New Media: Tool or Discipline', Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
• Nov. 98: Lecture and Preview of 'de Balie's PermanentFlux CD-ROM, Deaf 97 Festival, Rotterdam.
• 15 Apr. 98: Interview on VPRO's 'Laat op de Avond'. a One page 'Self Commercial', VPRO TV-guide.
• 22 Jan. 98: lecture about hybrid media for the "Cross Over" seminar, Minerva Academy, Groningen
• Nov. 97: 'Get The Picture': a lecture regarding Online ID, Digital aesthetics & Cyber fetish for the: 'WebTV/interfiction' program at 'Filmladen', Kassel film Festival, Germany.
• Sept. 97: Lecture &  work presentation, 'World Wide Video Festival", Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


• "Hier gaat het over", De Balie, Amsterdam 1999, p. 120-123, ISBN 990 6617 230 4
• "Wat is uw Decemberzegel", PTT Post 1997, p. 44-45/110-111, ISBN 90-803951-1-0
• "Pictogrammen & Iconen", [Z]oo prod 1998, p. 78-81, ISBN 90-74009-19-0
• "Park of the Future", 75 years Rietveld Academie, ISBN 90-6617-241-x

• Jul 00: "De nulgraad van het verbeelden", Portofolio at "Items" magazine, p. 54-59.
• Feb 00: "Permanent Flux" review at "Trasmediale 2000" catalog.
• 11 Apr. 98: "Graphic design, state of the art", thema design for "VPRO TV Guide"
• Nov. 97: "Get the Picture", article at "Filmladen" program, Kassel, Germany.
• May 97: "Park 4DTV CD-rom", review and interview at "Wave" magazine, belgie.
• Apr. 97: Park 4DTV Cd-rom, readers choice, MacWorld nederland.
• May 97: "PathWalker" browser review at "Items" magazine, p. 24.
• 12 Apr. 97: Park 4DTV CD-rom image in 'Vrij Nederland'
• 2 Apr. 97: 'Park CD-ROM' review in 'Het Parool'
• March 97: interview at "Credits" magazine, p. 2-3,
• Oct 95: "Mediamatic Volvo" CD-Rom review at "Metropolis M" art magazine, p. 46.
• 6 oct. 95: "De CD-Rom als Gesamtkunstwerk", De Volkskrant

d.x.m Discography:

(Tel Aviv 1985-95, all visuals & design, coop. texts & music)
• 'We Knew' , 20 min tape (edition 50)
• FaceLess', 60 min. tape (edition 120)
• 'a Temporary Video', 30 min color video art/clip
• 'Sad', 46 min. tape (edit. 200, 33  spec. box)
• 'the Down', 16 min. tape (edition 400)
• 'Eli Hiersch, Hebrew Poetry', 10 min tape (edit. 200)
• 'the 3rd Ear DXM collection'  (6 tapes in cover box, edition 1000)
• 'Grin', 55 min. CD/tape, (edit. 3000, DigiPack Cover)
• 1997 - date: 'pRecycle' - concept, visuals and design for the israeli Drum'n'Bass creator (http://www.alterFin.com/pRecycle )