the PathRoom Project PathWalKer PatchWork Package

Release Notes version 1.0beta, Sunday 25th August, 1996.

about PathRoom:
the PathRoom is an experimental project of creativity, creation
and isNess in the CyberPlace of bits and bytes (where the address is the place
and the name the thing), attempting to explore the meeting point between the
physical dimensions of time and space and the polar bit-mapped dimension of
language and mind, and the Possibility for emotional expirience and expression on
the world wibe web. the PathRoom WebSite is located @:

about PathWalKer PatchWork:
the PathWalker PatchWork is a small utility program
for the macintosh, that, if used correctly, will copy your respective version of
Netscape» Navigator, patching it into the PathWalker 1.0b, the official PathRoom
interNet WeBrowser. the PatchWork is a tool for modifying, in addition to the web
content, also the framing of that content, and since the PathRoom project is best
viewed with Netscape»'s Navigator, the Patch offers an alternative expirience to
the Netscape» viewing monopoly.

added Features:

possible Future Releases:

instructions For Use:

the PatWalker was made using Custom Made and DownLoaded Web resources, and it is using
resources familiar to the macOS environment and the following copyrighted resources:
NeXT WDEF © 1995
3D buttons CDEF Public domain by Zig Zichterman,
the PathWalKer PatchWork Package was made using the following applications:
ResEdit, ResCompare, RSRC search, Stuffit installer maker.

the PathWalKer PatchWork Package was hecked by Yariv Alter / FIN visual.
the PathRoom project is hosted by De Fabriek, Art initative Eindhoven.
participants (to date): Yariv Alter Fin, Boris le Boef, Roy Cerpac,
Elspeth Diederix, Nirit Peled, & Debra Solomon.