the PathRoom Project Presents:

W e B r o w s e r
Information retrieval on the WorldWideWeb depends on the interNet Browser. that browser, just as the content it displays, is a product of bits & bytes, the atoms and molecules of digital existence. the PathRoom project, reflecting on it's nurturing environment the Web, and best viewed with Netscape Navigator ® 2.0 and greater, had decided to start it's life by presenting the visitor with a patch utility that changes the user's onBoard copy of Netscape Navigator ® into the PathWalKer, PathRoom's official WeBrowser, applying change both to the content and to the frame in which it is presented. the PathWalKer WeBrowser is therefore PathRoom's own gallery space, in which the project as well as the rest of the web can be expirienced.

(note: as for technical reasons the PathRoom PatchWork is currently available only for Macintos ® OS, the main platform for the PathRoom's production).

D o w n L o a d